American Legion Minnesota District #7



Commander 2023--2024 Jan Ekert- Kingson

2024-2025  Newly Elected  District #7 Officers

 District & Convention  Election  Results
May 18, 2024- Am. Legion Post 29 Morris, Mn-----
D#7 Commander   Carl Wilson- Brandon, Mn
Vice Commander at Large - Pete Flannery, Morris Post  
Area A -Victor Gades, Morris
Area B -   Jacob Huarst Montevideo
Area C - Don Dufner, Watkins Post
Area D - John Jones, Echo Post
Sergeant at Arms - Keith Seidler, Spicer Post
Historian - Victor Gades, Post 1998 (Prairie Post)
Chaplain - Dave Ecker, Browns Valley Post
Finance Officer - David "Chip" Manson

List the names of your Board of Directors, and pertinent information.

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2023-2024  Newly Elected  District #7 Officers


 District & Convention Results

May 18, 2024- Am. Legion Post Spicer, Mn     =Carl Wilson Commander 2024-2025